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our Vision

When talents align. Magic happens.

When Jason, Dale, and Peter got together and married years of process manufacturing, silicon valley fundraising, and sustainable agriculture backgrounds Boondocks Hops was born. Boondocks Hops is a family run farming enterprise focused on enabling access of local grown quality hops to the Cincinnati metro and surrounding area craft beer producers.

As a family run enterprise we focus on sustainable long term success and growth with a special focus on our local communities. The business is built on family values with the dedication to deliver at commercial scale. We value our relationships with local area brewers and strive to make a positive and differentiating impact to the regional craft market by producing premium hops not available elsewhere. By tapping into the unique advantages and characteristics of the local geography, soil, and climate, Boondocks is able to produce a unique and sought after hop.


At a glance.

  • located 20mi east of Cincinnati

  • 2000+ Plants currently in production across 4 cultivars

  • Scaling to 16000+ plants by 2020

  • Hop production, processing, and distribution

  • Wet and Dry (T90) capabilities

  • Storage and scheduled delivery for year round use

  • dedicated yard and cultivar opportunities

  • Grown with sustainable practices here in Cincinnati