Adding a little end of season carbon... Flamethrower style!

Dale showing off his flamethrower skills.

Dale showing off his flamethrower skills.

Today we took the opportunity to add a little natural carbon to the soil and clear out some pesky weeds that filled in post harvest. Earlier we ripped our old drip tape irrigation out and were waiting for our new above ground fertigation system to arrive that same day. What better way to seize the moment than to clear, fertilize, and have some fun with a flamethrower!

Don't attempt this at home without experience, but there is just something Mad Max about driving around on a four wheeler with a propane tank strapped to it and a 500,000BTU flamethrower right behind you.

The end result was great... a nice clear row, beneficial ready for use carbon amendment to the soil, and a cool surface with our hop crowns happily resting beneath undisturbed. #Feedingwithfire

Next up, a massive above ground irrigation/fertigation system fresh from Columbus Irrigation Co. to go with our new water tap. Exciting times for the yard!

Jason Adams