Spring on the Farm

Spring is well under way on the Boondocks Hops Farm. The whole team has been rallying together to start ticking off the MANY items we have on our Spring to do list. What have we been up to, you’re wondering? Well let us tell you!

Once winter was nearing its end, we had to raise the irrigation lines that run over each and every hop plant. This was to make sure they were well out of our way for when we started our spring cleaning. Spring cleaning on a farm is pretty interesting, seeing as it consists of blow torching weeds, spraying fungicide, spraying herbicide, side cutting rows, discing soil, fertilizing, and a bunch of other odd tasks… #farmlife is in full effect over here at #BoondocksHops! 

The next big item to get these yards in pristine condition to grow? Hang the coir. These strings hang from our trellis system and are then stuck in the ground next to each plant. Hops are vertical growers – it is essentially a race for each plant to get as close to the top of the trellis as possible before they start to grow buds. Once they start to bud, they won’t grow any more height, and instead will start producing those bitter, aromatic, AMAZING hop cones that we know and love. The taller they grow, the more cones we get. We want to give our plants the best chance possible to give us an amazing harvest season!

Getting this coir hung from the 18 foot trellis system is a big job. We enlisted the help of our go-to welder, (Shout out, Zach Harrison) to have a new and improved scaffolding system made. (Safe to say, the Boondocks Guys were sick of hearing the Boondocks Women complain about how unsafe the last scaffolding was!!) After being painted with a fresh coat of paint, this beauty is sitting at the farm ready to be mounted on the bobcat, climbed upon, and put to work. This coming weekend will consist of long days, while enlisting the help of all of our family and friends, but the job will get done, as usual!

Yes, you might be thinking this sounds like a lot of work, and that’s because it is! But we love what we do, and the energy this time of year is full of passion, excitement, and determination to have this be our best year yet.

Emma Lancaster